Notice about delivery

Aircraft transportation to the USA,Australia,Russia by Japan Postal has been closed temporarily.because airplanes are running low that not able to flight by COVID-19 the over the world. therefore we use private air transporter (UPS) .

The U.S.A & Australia. Economy airmail available by reopened Japan post. Available the Order price less than $30. Please ask to us before ordering.


All our brass hardware are made by Japanese skilled craftsman.

Then a quality set up and finish by "Smoky Sumi's Store"

Must Have Items
Wallet Chain [ Flat Cut 2.8mm x 40cm / Brass ]
33mm Diameter Flat Split Ring [ Antique Brass ]
Key Tag ( Brass )
SasoRi Old Valley
SasoRi "Lion Service Station" T Shirt / Heather Black
SasoRi Spanner Bangle
SasoRi Leather Card Case Wallet [ Brown ]