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Bulk 10pcs Brass Key Chain [ Model-DMW3 ]


This is a nice design brass key chain.
This key chain is an excellent one that can be used by connecting to keys.
These brass hardware are made in Japanese skilled craftsman.
Also, finish is the best set up by Smoky Sumi's Store.

We strongly propose this as one of your fashion items.


Material / Solid brass


Color / Natural brass

Hook / Medium size

Shackle / Small size


Size / Total length 3.58 inch ( 91 mm )

Split ring size / Diameter 19 mm / Thick & Width 2.5 mm x 2 mm


If you put a key through direct to a split ring,
3 mm ~ 3.5 mm in diameter of the hole of the key is necessary.


Weight / 25 g ( 1pcs )


Bulk 10pcs Brass Key Chain [ Model-DMW3 ]

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